7 comments on “FIVE YEARS

  1. How can one choose a favorite from so many favorites? It’s way too difficult. Maybe the growlers, maybe Haunted Leather, it depends on the day. All I can say is wearethelastbeatniks is my default music blog. Keep up the great work.
    This is from Mark currently living in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    Saludos y abrazos grande

  2. love your site, you’ve stollen billions of hours from me.

    favourite from lastbeatniks is hole music from Anton Newcombe but I’ve known TBJM before.
    best discover for me is maybe Stereo Siberia. And Goat remixes from Al Lover!
    oh, and psychedelic bubble exploding in my mind with the compilation from
    Amorphous Androgynous ^^

    thanks from Poland,

  3. Too many to list, even though I’m a relative newcomer (in the last year).

    Probably my favorite place online right now to find music, and happily support the bands that I’m loving.

    Thanks for the research, thanks for the sounds.


    JAS / PDX

  4. Excellent work and thanks. If it wasn’t for you I would not have known about the King Gizzard & the lizard wizard.. Thanks to knowing them, I was fortunate enough to see them live a few weeks ago in the tiniest sort of club with maybe 30 others lucky spectators. Joy Joy joy!
    also much thanks for the growlers and arctic monkeys. cheers

  5. I came here for the Oasis DVDs right in the beginning and stayed for the rest of the awesome (underground) stuff. MY taste evolved similarly from britpop and broadened here to psych as well.
    First discovery: Detroit Social Club.
    Best discovery: The BJM. So good live.
    Thanks for all and keep up the good work.
    Cheers from the Netherlands,


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