Music is my life.
 I want to share the music I like with you.
 I’m hoping people to know there is much to enjoy outside of the big names.
Much of the posts are self-supported bands.
Please support the bands if you can. go to shows, buy cds or vinyls , the digital download is available almost all the world, get shirts or donate on the official site or bandacamp.
 To great bands or labels: sorry if you don’t want are posted here. However, I include buy links when I can to encourage purchasing of active artists/labels, I do understand that unfortunately music is a business. therefore, if you contact me I will be sure take your link down.
 Also, I love to listen to new bands,. any interested are welcome to send me their music to request to be posted. I’ll be happy to post and write up small reviews.
 I’m very open minded. but don`t forget , this blog is centered around music indie, rock, garage, psychedelic, experimental. welcome to my world. Please report to me broken links .
 contact me:

6 comments on “WELCOME

  1. Hi,
    Speedyshare sux btw…. it will not let you download without paying….otherwise an excellent site….zippyshare is good….

  2. The Magic Castles Album is an AWESOME blissed out …melodic , dream filled world of great tracks from start to finish!!

    Also WAND from LA kick ass I saw them last week in Brighton!

    Keep up the g8 blog


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