6 comments on “Some of Primitive Stoner Rock flavored psychedelia ?

  1. Awesome stuff pepe thanks…….. question……. guy i know is raving about finnish band clear light or permanent clear light heard anything about them?

    • Thanks, Dave! The Finnish band is called Permanent Clear Light. I know because I’m the guitarist of the band!

      • Yes Markku , awesome band , I checked Higher Than The Sun through Active Listener last year, I know you released full lenght this year, I can´t check it cause iTunes-Amazon is not available on my country ( Argentina ) , same surely I ´ll buy LP , but will take three months to get my hands, cheers and keep rockin´

        • Thank you for your kind words on Permanent Clear Light! We’ll release a new single called One in Five/Corneville Skyline sometime soon.

  2. Thank you Pepe. I’m a big Kadavar fan and I wasn’t aware of that split with Aqua Nebula Oscillator

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