3 comments on “A generational collaboration that is a wee gem amidst a psychedelic great stuff

  1. more transcodes & webrips. You know that’s not OK, right? You need to say what you’re posting. I suspect most of what is posted here is just ripped from (free) Spotify. The ACTUAL bit rates rarely rise above 160kbps.

    • Hi Pissed Off
      Well, if you don´t know it , unfortunately I´m from Argentina, a fuckin´ country on where Spotify-iTunes-Rhapsody, Amazon are not available. Second, actually a lot of times I´ve posted webrips , and I said it, but It´s not the case , I bought almost all that I published here ( I don´t know why I´m spending my time on expliciting this for you, I get a lot of music to share ) Last, I think that before researching how many bits from each release posted on web, maybe you could only listen it and decide if buy it to support the artist.
      Greetings from Argentina, in World´s ass.

      P.S. I´ve updated this stuff here

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