27 comments on “…the Triton of my nocturnal Argonauts…

  1. Oh. My. God. I thought I was a pretty hardcore fan, but there’s a lot of stuff here that I’ve never even HEARD of. Thanks so much Pepe. You’re now my new #1 on the list of my favorite people of all-time, living or dead.

  2. Thank you Pepe. None of the Speedyshare links are working. Did they kill your account ?

    “File not found. It has been deleted or it never existed at all.
    Suggestion: Check the download URL for spelling errors.”

  3. The BJM are my favorite band of all time! Thanks so much for putting this all together. Theres a good amount of stuff here Ive never even heard of. Again thanks so much. Youre the man!!!!

    • “Torrent has been censored as required by US court”

      Oh well I’ll be happy with what I got before the rest was taken down. Thanks again for all the great music Pepe. Are you at all familiar with “Strangers Family Band” ?

  4. Zero seeders. Maybe you should rename the torrent as “Brian Jonestown Massacre Full Discography”? Might entice people perhaps. I don’t know really, just feeling very frustrated trying to get my hands on this wonderful post.

  5. Hey pilgrims, sorry for these few days off, was for no other reason that I was way behind a dentistry´s congress, so I want to address the recent influx of requests to re-up BJM dead links since the great holocaust of this post shared. Thank all the people who comment .I´ll try to fix it soon. Cheers


  6. Could you please re-up the link for Bravery, Repetition and Noise?? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

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