3 comments on “Welcome back to Jones’s weird world…

  1. Pepe thanks man loved the stairs when they came out but kinda lost track of edgar after they metamorphosed into these other bands so its like a rediscovery of the band again as I never knew edgar was still around and creating more cool sounds, so thanks for the new buzz

  2. I’ll second what Dave said- loved Mexican R’n’B since it came out, but the band disappeared off my radar in the 90s and I always thought of them as a one-album band- I knew Edgar had some kind of solo career, but i’ve never heard any of his stuff, i’ll have to check it out… special thanks for the unreleased 2nd Stairs LP, didn’t even know that existed! (must have missed it coming out) Pepe, you fucking rock, man. BTW congrats on the baby

  3. Thanks very much for this!! I third the above comments! I’m coming in from the other – had the first two Joneses albums, but not the other stuff – thanks again man!!

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