4 comments on “What the hell.. this has to stop…

  1. It’s terrible what they’re doing to you. I bookmarked your site and I check everyday. I can’t tell you how many bands that I found HERE that I went onto their website and ordered vinyl. It’s a GREAT way to support bands and for them to get exposure. There’s something wrong with society today when they do things like this to guys like you who are only trying to get the word out there about GREAT bands! Please don’t give up and know that you’re helping guys like me who don’t get out much to see live bands since I have a wife and baby at home. This is the way that I hear about new cutting edge music. I wish you the best of luck and keep up the good work and the good fight!


  2. Please never give up what you’re doing!! “sharing music is loving music” so don’t stop sharing…and i love what you are sharing! Here i found a lot of band that probably wouldn’t have ever known, and it was a pleasure to support them as soon as possible.

    Thanks for all!!

  3. salut; dommage autant des problèmes pour partager de la musique et des nouveaux musiciens qu’il faut soutenir , tout dans cette crazy monde doit coûter ras le bol d’un monde pareil et sans partage et solidarite !!!!!

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