4 comments on “Pearl Jam La Plata Stadium Buenos Aires, Argentina Nov. 13, 2011

  1. Hi! I´m Sorry, i´m from Argentina, i want to download the concert but its not free, right? Can yo help me please? I live you mi e-mail. Thank you!

    • Hola Natalia, justo lo estoy resubiendo en links gratuitos, Speedyshare ahora limito las descargas , sorry, ah, yo tambien soy argentino, abrazo…

  2. Hello guys,
    Regards from Poland.
    IT IS THE BEST SHOW I’VE EVER LISTENED TO!! Mooooostly thans to audience.
    You Argentinians are really fantastic! Best audience ever!
    The singing, chanting! Never heard it before.
    Hope someday see PJ show in Argentina.

  3. hay links gratuitos?? no consigo este bootleg por ningun lado…ayuda por favor! gracias!

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