1. hello pepe !!!!
    i am george from greece,your blog is amazing !i love most of the things you had upload.
    Can you please tell me ,if i create a premium account into speedyshare i will have the ability to download the files or i will have problem again?

    • Hi George
      Yes if you create an speedyshare account can get access to all premium files , only few was removed , but anyway you can ask me for them .
      Although… The Underground Youth was reposted recently
      Thanks for your words

  2. Hey Pepe…
    I need to have the Records on Vinyl, do you know how or where to get them?
    I’m a Music/Vinyl Lover and
    Mp3 downloads are not a good compromise for me!
    I am looking expecially for Morally Barren and Mademoisselle!?!?
    Im thankful for each advice
    All the best

  3. …yeah, this pages was easy to find, already before.
    But like I wrote, im looking for the early LP’s.
    But thanks in evry way for answer


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