5 comments on “The Cosmic Dead

  1. Good evening Pepe.
    Thanks very much for the kind words.
    Can we ask that you please remove our self titled album from mediafire however, as it is not meant to be publicly available for free download. Thank you. (sorry to leave this message as a comment, but I couldn’t find a contact email address.)
    Thanks again,
    The Cosmic Dead x

    • OK guys , i come down the link inmediately, congratulations by your terrific self titled album . KeepRockin` , greetings from Argentina …

      • Thank you Pepe, appreciate it. Please feel free to have a link to the bandcamp page however, as we do want to encourage people to purchase it! (we have bills to pay, heh heh)
        Thanks again for your article, really glad you dig our grooves.
        All the best,
        Ju x

  2. pero denle una oportunidad a la gente de otros paises de esucharlo , las discograficas no llegan tan al sur como para comprarlo

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