5 comments on “Beady Eye – The Roller 2011 + Video ( AVI – WMV )

  1. People are gonna get mad at this, but someone has to say it… Fuckin' finally! I have loved oasis since I was 15 and saddened to see them go. I had high hopes that Beady Eye was gonna carry on and the first three tracks released are decent at best. I have always been a Noel guy but I never realised how much he contributed to the band until they were free of his influence. The man is MEGA!!! He should probably have writer's credit on every single oasis track since they'd all sound like Bring the Light or Four Letter Word without him. The Roller, however, is a tune. Sounds like Instant Karma. Nice goin' lads, it's about time.

  2. Supposedly, there was a demo of The Roller floating around out there from the oasis days, anybody know where to find it?

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