3 comments on “BLOOD SISTER – ‡

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    • Basically, I wanted to call it trash pop garage art noise, but I’m not sure if that is really a name for anything or if it would mean something unbeknownst to me. Sometimes if you listen long enough you can think there is something more going on than there is, and you’ll be like “whoa dude, when did this shit become shoegaze or punk?” It didn’t, you’re just being warped by the sound bombardments.

      Thanks for your wearethelastbeatniks follow-up
      Cheers chewbone


  2. the u tube video is a clip from Der Fan a german movie with music by
    rheingold from the late 80s about a fan who stalks kills and eats her idol ……some freaky shit
    so that fact in mind I cant categorise blood sister other than trash horror ? u b the judge

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